Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Bravery before fear" means something more to me than just a blog title.

Hello.. I’m sixteen and just finished my sophomore year of high school. I really like the outdoors, sports, reading, and advice you can find on the bottoms of soda caps and tea bags. I created this blog because I’d like to post pictures and entries during my life abroad, and doing all that on facebook would be ridiculous. I leave on August 23 2011 where I will land in France for 11 months. My blog is titled BRAVERY BEFORE FEAR for a reason. I'm going to miss home, even though that thought seems absolutely ridiculous now. It’d be easy to duck out when things start to get hard. Many other kids in this program have done it, I could easily do that. But I won’t. Because bravery comes before fear, and I believe I can do anything. Stay tuned, because I’m planning on making this the most exciting year of my life.