Monday, July 11, 2011

Snapple: Tasty and Foreign, like we bottled an exchange student!

OH MY GOD, only 42 days left.
The days are passing by quickly. Every dream I have includes France, and I'm a very vivid dreamer.

But not, it is 2:43 a.m. and I cannot sleep :(

We just had our last Rotary Youth Exchange conference, where everyone said goodbye. The outbounds (my group) will not see each other until we return from our years exploring abroad. The inbounds (kids staying here from other countries) said goodbye to us, other inbounds, and the place they have called home for a year. They have a few days left before they have to leave America, but the clock is ticking.

There is so much love in Rotary, it is unbelievable. I cried all day of the last morning we had together, because my heart was too full. It's a unique kind of love that I believe only Exchange students experience/especially Rotary Exchange students. Here we are, all different nationalities, backgrounds, races, skin colors, and religions. We've grown up in opposite regions of the world with opposite traditions and languages. But look at us! We all LOVE the same. We're all teenagers looking to explore and discover and we are unafraid of adventure. We are unafraid of tomorrow...because we are tomorrow. We are the game changers and we inspire. We are accomplishing what most can only dream of; leaving home and venturing out to do what most can only hope to dare to. We are SPECIAL, and we have a love and understanding that is all our own. No one can understand what each other is going through except us and those who come before us. There is no love like Exchange student love.

It was a very sad..eventful.. weekend full of love.
"I've never felt so alive...and so dead." -Florence and the Machine
I will post pictures when I land in Paris on the 24th, and probably when I pack and freak out with excitement before that...BECAUSE WHO COULD CONTAIN IT?! <3 Never been so freaked out and filled with hope, love and excitement in all my life.