Sunday, January 15, 2012

We only have reasons to look forward and smile

 Within our world there are opposite sides. Points of view, fears, and where we all come from. There is physical east and west. There is mental north and south. We enter and exit alone: and what we encounter inbetween is partially a result of what those who have come before us decided. 
 We all enter and exit. No matter how many friends, teachers and lessons we encounter mostly all of it is up to us; the object; to respond. 
 No matter what opposite side you come from: if you have lily white skin and your grandmother’s blue eyes, if you’re a fifth generation medicine man living on the side of a mountain, or if you’re waiting to be told who you are. We all look in the mirror. We all inhale and reflect on what we see. As an object, we have been physically and mentally crafted to be able to take our own paths. We’ve been given the holy permission to tackle our fate and change the world--when every one of us is granted a fresh start, I can imagine some frustration as to why not many take advantage of it. 
 So, why not? We are all unique incarnations of communication and change. Surely just the idea should mobilize us into action----destroying the bad that came before and paving the way to enlightenment. Seeking truths all over the world and opening our minds to a better future. 
 Maybe some of it has to do with similar statements that I have written have been reserved for the sides of granola boxes and tourist trap brochures for ashrams and spas. Perhaps it’s been labeled as unpractical. Unproficient. You should be spending more time on your reirment fund, watching football games, or contemplating on which overpriced appliances to place in your American kitchen. 
 What I’m saying is PLEASE GO RIGHT AHEAD. Dream. Go ahead and wish, hope, smile, pray, imagine. Meditate. Forgive the people who tell you you’re just a product of what they’ve told you. Because they are merely the product of those who have come before them. You are the wrapped up glittering gift of tomorrow. The good you feel in your heart will beat, reverberating and blazing through every obstacle that comes at you. The love you feel towards new beginnings will create your trails. The only thing that matters is the strength of your feet. And the journey of a hundred thousand miles begins with no more than one step. More than you know, you’re already changing the world. And the rest of us are smiling and saying Thank you.
Those are my thoughts as of late. I hope you have a great Sunday and thank you  for reading!