Sunday, August 28, 2011

Extreme tree climbing...ow.

Yesterday was terrifying. 

We were introduced with all the other inbounds staying in my district... 7 other americans from all over the states (Only one from Michigan.. woo ) and one girl from Japan, one boy from Taiwan, one girl from Indonesia and two girls from India. It's so interesting to meet all of them and I can safely say that all of them are very cool interesting people. 

With our French rotary club, we went out to a course and the only english words I can describe it as what it is are the highropes? But it's much different. Basically, you followed a track up in the trees from one course for another. I did not want to be rude, so I went along with it, but I am deathly afraid of heights. Ok I'm in a harness, supposedly safe yeah yeah whatever. The first party is fine you just climb up this giant net thing up into the trees. Whatever. Easy. 

I didn't look ahead when I first climbed up, so what I didn't see was the part where you are attatched to one little cable and you hold onto the same cable WHILST walking across an equally skinny cable 50 feet off the ground in the middle of a forrest. .........Did I mention I'm terrified of heights mhmm... 

If anyone has felt genuine fear for their life or crazy injury you know what I'm talking about. This would NEVER BE ALLOWED IN AMERICA. and also, all the safety regulations, rules, helpful advice, whatever, was all told to us in French. Ok. 

I was also freaked out because if I get seriously hurt, chances are that I get sent home. I got the most freaked out when I went down the major zipline and forgot to grab the second rope to slow myself down, and smashed my face really gracefully into the metal hook of my zipline. Because of the nearly unberable pain and lots of blood my first thought was that I broke my nose. SHITGODFUCKDAMNOW OW OW OW OW.  But when it stopped hurting enough for me to touch it, I moved it around and there were no loose peices. So I guess its fine....? heh. 

After that, there were other parts of the course that were equally crazy. you couldn't get down once you were up, but I'm glad I did do it, because you should do something every day that scares the hell out of you...I guess :P But never again. 

After that, my host papa picked me up and we went to a really neat dinner party at some friend's chateau. It was really neat, old, and beautiful. Lots of roses. They had a boy (Ian 17) and girl (Marie 14) almost  my age and a little brother (Luke 12). I had a really fun time with them watching American movies in French and asking them if they knew things like Jersey Shore, Justin timberlake, and Hollister clothes. hahah. It was a really nice night. We walked through town in the night so we could buy Frites (french fries) from a stand that people come all over to get, very popular in Northern France. 

Today was kind of quiet. I went for two really nice walks, we live in the french country here so lots of beautiful fields, horses, trees, and brick homes. The pictures will be really beautiful. I start school in a week, really happy !!! Everything's still going really great, right now I'm sitting with my sister Blanche in her cool room, she is watching some kind of French reality show on her ipad. :) :) 

It's becoming much cooler here, and it definitely rains every day which I really like and the sun also comes out a few times everyday. IT IS WONDERFUL HERE !!!!! And apparently, I have a ridiculously thick American accent........object of ridicule :P haha but it's ok. I'm getting piano lessons from my amazing musician host sister Agathe. She is so great. 

I'm taking it easy until school starts in a week, learning as much French as I can and learning a new way of life. I'm very very happy :)