Monday, August 22, 2011

...last night in the states...peace out america stress fest

Packing was fine, and really easy once my friend Mary came over and did it for me. Thx Mar.

Tonight is my last night in America and I wanted to do something fun but I'm sitting in my room, breathing loudly with anxiety and eating cough drops compulsively. BLehaheh34583094#$%^&

My flight is at 12:10 pm from Grand Rapids from Atlanta where I only have one hour to connect with my flight to Paris. That's going to be kind of nuts because if there is a delay, I will miss my plane and be stranded in the land of catfish for breakfast and runaway hookers. Just kidding, Georgia. I'm sure you have some more pleasant qualities, at least for a lawless swamp of infamy.

I forgot to take my happy pill this afternoon. Is that really the time?

I should probably sleep, or something. I want to wake up around six. That is, if I'm able to sleep at all which I hope to God I'm capable of.

Love peace and pickle grease

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