Friday, November 4, 2011

Compulsiveness is next to godliness.

There's no other way to say it. I had a shitty day at school. One of my teachers is an absolute dick, and he decided to go crazy at me for...something? In front of my entire class for about five minutes. He's a drinker, he does that to everyone else but it really freaked me out. I think it was about how I'm not doing enough class work. Too bad I have no idea when he's giving an assignment... 

Right now my job is to learn the French language. Which is actually going pretty great. I do what class work I can, but also I have special french classes that I work on homework for. Kind of like "ESL" at grand haven. It's boring, but great for my french. So excuse me if I'm not killing myself for studying the urban and multicultural habits of lille and its corresponding city. Sorry, me no comprendo. 

I have been thinking for a while about acquiring an instrument. I've gone through piano and clarinet and violin. None were right for me. I love music and a favorite genre of mine is actually Latino, which includes many intricate and beautiful GUITAR songs. So yesterday I asked my friend Lucas if he knew a place where I could check them out, and told me what route to take on the metro and drew me a map of the street and the store. 

After school ClĂ©mentine and I were walking to the metro, and as a split second decision I asked her if she wanted to check out this place, "Euro Guitar", with me. I was still feeling pretty down about the incident that morning. She agreed and we rode three stations down the line to a place I had never been before, Gambetta. 

We got to the store and went to the back, where the guitars ran about 100-400 dollars, all acoustic and normal colored. A man came back to try and help us, but I told him we're just looking. He asked, for your first guitar? I didn't really understand, but ClĂ©mentine did and she nodded helpfully for me. He said, I hope you like red, and disappeared into a storage room. Uh, ok. 

He brought out a really kicked around box, but pulled out the most beautiful instrument I've ever seen. Red like a strawberry with latino markings around the sound hole. 

He said 49 euros, take it or leave it today only. 

........uh......HELL yeah ! 
This is at least a 250$ value for less than FIFTY. I paid 15 more dollars for a black case with big pocket, and left with Clem in an incredibly good mood. I thought I would save my money and get one for myself for my birthday, but I guess Christmas came early this year. 

His name is Gitano because he was made in Spain.
I'm going to surf the internet for beginner videos now.

I've wanted to play the guitar for a long time because whenever you see pictures from campers or explorers in Chile/Argentina/Patagonia, at night they make a big campfire with their friends and play guitar songs under a sky full of stars. So now when the time comes I'll have something to do too ! 


  1. Gitano sounds lovely! He was like your night in shining armor that saved you from your bad day.

  2. Awesome, Meg! Now you can learn to play and sing with your beautiful voice!