Thursday, September 8, 2011


Meaning, it was great!

Because today was actually pretty great. School was fun, but for the most part I couldn't understand a single thing the teachers were saying, except for ENGLISH CLASS...I'm the best student there already. 

School in France is interesting because there's not a certain time you have to be there--it's when your class is. So let's say I have a Nine o'clock history class on Wednesday. I would catch the 7:45 bus, get on the metro, and arrive to school about 20 minutes early. But if I have an 8:00 class on Fridays, I have to take the 7:10 bus to get there just on time. I did that today and it was cutting it close. 

Also in school, I made a really good friend, her name is ClĂ©mentine. Her birthday is next week, she likes Congo music, and has lived on a french island off Madagascar (Africa). She's staying with her Dad in the Netherlands this weekend, but I think we'll go to the cinema soon. School is awesome and my french has already improved loads. I'm loving it, and I think I have a camping trip this weekend with the rotary club and other inbounds. 

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