Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shit Happens.

There is no other way to put it, so please, my older women neighbor friends who read my blog, you will soon understand the necessity of this phrase. 

I went to school today like I did yesterday. Get up, put on some clothes, jump on the bus, jump on the train, walk across the street, walk down the sidewalk, ect. My first class was history, which began at nine today, and was supposed to last for two hours. But within the first twenty minutes, I began to feel sick and walked out of the class in the middle of a lecture (Americans think they can do anything) and down the hall. A moment later I puked for about 30 seconds in a trash can. Yay. 

A shirmpy boy is sent out to find me. Nope, Not gonna let that happen. I run quietly down a few flights of stairs in the other direction, into the main hallway and towards the french version of the nurse's office. There's some confusion, the real infirmary is on the other side of the school, people mistake me for a teacher's assistant, (No no I AM A STUDENT) I finally find the real office (lots of hallways) and a note is written for me so I can go home. 

Ok. So now I go outside, circle a building a few times, step in some mud, cross a path with some trees. Where am I? Oh I'll follow all the smoking kids, they hang out by the entrance. Voila, the entrance. 

Run to the subway station ! I don't know why I ran, I wanted the day to be even more dramatic. Ride on the subway for 20 minutes until 4 Cantons station, run off, wait for the bus. It's raining. 

I open the garage door and my host mother redirects me back outside and tells me to stop by the veterinary office so I can walk with my host Father Phillipe to the doctor's office. He walks me to the office, I wait for about 40 minutes (him with me) until I went in. I was prescribed some medication and out within ten minutes. 

I'm not worried about going back into school tomorrow. "Hey, remember me? The American who you all heard puke in the hallway yesterday? It's all good now. No thank you, I don't need that trash can by my desk..." 

I think what I'm supposed to learn here is Shit happens. Roll with it. 

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