Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orientation/New Kid

Today was officially the first day of school, but it only lasted an hour and a half because it was orientation. Although the exchange student rite of passage did happen when you entire class realizes that you are foreign. And there's a few moments of awkward conversation with your teacher and the whole class silent as you try to explain where you've come from, why you're here, and how to pronounce your last name.

"You are an exchange student? From Rotary? Cool."


Tomorrow is my official first day. To get to school I have to ride a bus for fifteen minutes, and then get on the metro train for about 25 minutes.

My host sister Blanche made the trip with me this morning because I had no idea what I was doing. And you know that corny line people always say in movies, "When I get nervous I start rambling and never stop" it's like that cute girl, romantic comedy schtik......Well it actually exists, and I have been so nervous for the past 48 hours that I have not been able to shut up. So we've got that going for us.

The kids at my school are nice so far, if you go up and talk to them they'll say something back, and try to speak to you in English...but...lol. After school everyone (there are a lot of kids!) just stand outside by the street socializing and smoking. I thought about hanging around, but I just said goodbye to the girls I was walking with and hopped on the train. I was tired--everything had been a whirlwind that I couldn't understand. :P I went home and drank a lot of tea and watched a movie on my ipod. The sky is very stormy/gray/rainy and the wind has been whipping all day. It's Perfect. I'll be ready for tomorrow.

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