Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grass. dirt. School. Sunshine.

It makes me very glad to say I had no idea I would make so many friends here so quickly. I can't wait to go to school and see all of them. I love my class. Premiere L2 forever! hahah. I did not expect french teenagers to be so warm and welcoming, especially the girls. But I could not be more taken in at school, especially as a newcomer! Everyone is SO INCREDIBLY NICE and funny. Even with the language barrier. 

Today we had gym class which was actually a really good time. I walked with our big class down and across the street to the gymnasium, where we changed and went out into the big gym. We played badminton for two hours, mostly just goofing around and all the girls were swatting each other in the butt with our raquets (lol) but I think I may have actually won a few games, especially with Marion !

I've been feeling kind of disconnected from the Earth lately, just floating around, feeling sick a lot, not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, not being outside enough. So today I went for an incredibly long walk with Galette (the wiener dog. Also in French Galette means pancake. lol.). At first I thought oh great I'm doing to be dragging this silly dog behind me but it was quite the opposite. I had no idea she had so much energy. We went running through gardens, and forests, and rock pathways to fences where cows and horses were roaming in the rich, brisk afternoon light. I stopped to meditate in the middle of the greenest, most beautiful field you've ever seen. The sun was just above the gorgeous swaying trees. I just stopped to soak up the beauty. French countryside is unlike anything you've ever, ever seen. It's just a different place of being. Like visiting another planet untouched by humans and time. It made me want to stay rooted in that spot, forever. But Galette wanted to keep walking. We stopped by this stone tower...


to rest for a minute. it's so beautiful!!!!!!! Needless to say, I felt so incredibly better after that. it's 8:16pm, dinner is soon I think. I love Cysoing. I love the roots and the trees, the brick houses and the horses, cows, gorgeous mornings. I like going to bed early, around 9:30, so I can get up to watch the stars and the moon disappear. 

Clementine's birthday is on Friday. And I know that her favorite candy is M&M's, so I should probably get on that. A Demain 

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  1. Sounds absolutely amazing, Megan. I am so happy for you--and envious, too. I would love to see the sights you're describing. Keep logging. It's great to read what you're experiencing. :-)