Friday, October 7, 2011

If you can't beat them join them.

The girls here are beautiful. It's outrageous, and if any one of them set foot in my school at home, everyone would fall in love (Anne Demange...). As a woman in France, it's very important to look good. I go to public school here, and even the girls there all wear high heeled shoes or boots, beautiful clothes, and it's not uncommon every day to have perfect hair and makeup. 

When I got here, this really wasn't me. Really wasn't me. I had clunky black clogs, sweatshirts, the like. It worked in America because most of the population of ghhs wore sweats and jeans everyday, so who would care. 

I have three host sisters here (Agathe, Blanche, Sidonie) and they're all very very pretty and dress beautifully all the time. My host mother quickly noticed I was very different, and laughed and joked at me all the time.  I laughed too, because I was like a confused duck wandering around with a bunch of swans. 

And then I sold my soul, buying my first pair of high heeled brown boots. 

awesome FRENCH GIRL stuff ! I wake up earlier to put on makeup (even lipstick, thanks MSL...) before I get on the bus and the train. I consciously put on jewelry (that matches? yes.) and perfume. I wear a lot of turtle necks, skirts, and tights. AND OF COURSE A SCARF EVERYDAY. I didn't know my feet could look so small (oh wait, it is because I'm not wearing shoes that are too big/ugly? Oh...) hahah. 

In other news, learning french is agonizingly hard. I know for a fact it is the toughest latin language to learn, and I heard on the radio that it was the hardest language to learn in the world. After going over mountains of grammar corrections, I won't argue. Also, I forget what they're called, verb subjunctions or something but anyway in English there are 0, in Portuguese there are 4, and in French there are 6. Today I had a FOUR HOUR french class and I just sat there concentrating so hard my jaw was clenched tight enough that I started to feel sick. 

I'm tired, and all my sisters are here this weekend so it's a little crazy. I go horseback riding tomorrow, and I have school again on Monday. I'm making friends everywhere, and I already love all of them so much. 

This song reminds me of all the girls at my school. Especially with the clacking heels. But now my heels clack too, so we've got that going for us. copy the link into your browser ! A tout. Biz. 

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