Monday, October 24, 2011

This life is an adventure, this life is a gift. 2 months in France.

This weekend has been exceptionally great, for about three reasons. 

1) I got to spend Friday afternoon with Clémentine. We went to a cafe and had "Tea" with peices of yummy bread, nutella, jam, and some coffee for me and some hot chocolate for her. It was lovely. And we took some funny pictures which are on my Facebook Account. 

2) IT'S FALL HOLIDAY. For ten days, for no particular reason. And I found out two days before it began, which was really great. It was the same feeling as finding fifty dollars in a wallet you hadn't used in two years, so you forgot it was there. No school ! So that means I get to sleep. 

3) My town (Cysoing) has sort of a "sister city" in England called "Much Wenlock", and every year a bunch of people either come from there or we go there. This year was the year that a bunch of people came here. And the people who stay at our house are great friends of My host parents/family, Steve and Linda. They are HILARIOUS and funny and so so kind. And very english. And it looks like I could go to their house in England around the end of the year and stay for a while. They live actually quite close to Whales and I am very very Welch/Irish so it would be cool to walk along the cliffs and the sea, taking lots of pictures. The whole group of them remarked how Welch I look and about my welch name, round face, big eyes, bow lips. I thought I would actually go to back to England this week for the rest of my vacation, but my host mother pointed out it would be terrible for my progressing french and though I do have a french visa, my rotary doesn't allow you to travel outside the district yet. Which I find absolutely ridiculous and stupid, because we're in Europe for godssakes, everything's right here for us to see. But it has been such great fun to spend time with these people. In a while we're going out to the city to do some shopping. This morning we walked through the rolling green country side with Galette (sausage dog) and her puppies. The sun was out and it was absolutely beautiful and not freezing, for a change. I'm going to be photographing when we go out today and I think I've got enough battery in my camera.

What's weird is... I don't think my english accent is beginning to change...but it is a little different. Because whenever I've gotten to speak english it's been with someone who has an english accent or is from england. It's not the extreme american/midwest anymore. And also I laugh differently. Today is the two month mark of when I've been in France, and there are so many changes about myself that I've noticed. I've lost weight, I laugh differently, my food preferences have changed... and also I don't know. I just feel about fifteen years older. My french is loads better. Simple little things that really shock me sometimes, when I pause to think about it. 

I can't wait to post more pictures today. I'm looking forward to going back to school next Wednesday to see all my friends. I love love love where I am, my life. A while ago my friend Christine came to Cysoing to visit me and my home. We walked through the forrest to a bench which was facing an ancient chateau, with the sun gleaming through the trees and the water of a river sparkling under the land bridge the bench was on. I said..."Let's just stop time." 

We sat there for what seemed like an age. I closed my eyes. After a while she grabbed my hand and told me we had to leave, because she had to catch a bus for her train back into the city. 

I stopped for one more second and then followed her to leave. And that's life I suppose. We can't freeze anything, but we can stop in our own bubble of time to look around and enjoy it. We must continue and march on for what's next, but there's no problem if you want to be thankful for what's been given to you. And who knows, maybe that's why I'm so happy right now. I'm looking at it and understanding how beautiful everything is and I know how lucky I am. Not a day goes by when I don't smile and appreciate the path my life has taken. Because I've already changed. And so much time is left for me here. There is no limit to the possibilities that can still happen. Life is a miracle, and for those who have been given the ability to understand its is a true gift. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your Monday and the rest of your week. You know I am. 


  1. The punch line is stunning!

  2. I LOVE change that happens so fast you can actually SEE it and LET GO instead of figuring it out six months later! Sounds like you are loving it, too. My last two years have been fully occupied in observing change. Losing 59 pounds and being "thinnish" for the first time in my life. Watching the wall of self-deception (mine) fall so that feelings can get through, and then having to deal with those. It's like watching a speeded-up movie of human evolution!

  3. Love your posts, but must point out that you are Welsh, not grape juice, and Welsh people come from Wales, not the ocean.

    Go visit them later in the year, what an opportunity!